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About Ideal-Pak Incorporated

The Ideal-Pak® Product Line of Liquid Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment is manufactured and sold by Ideal-Pak Incorporated in Madison, Wisconsin. Our extensive product line includes fully automatic and semi-automatic filling systems that operate by Electronic Net Weight, Mechanical Weight or Volumetric technology. Ideal-Pak high-performance liquid fillers are the result of more than sixty years of innovation and dedication to the packaging industry.


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Meet The Ideal Team

I would like to introduce the dedicated Ideal-Pak team. We are here to meet and exceed your expectations. Please call on us to answer your application questions, solve your packaging problems, expedite your orders and provide solutions to your automation needs. We have the experience and facilities to provide you with equipment to increase your production and profitability. Thank you for visiting our website.

Steve Bethke, President and CEO

Steve Bethke, President & CEO

Phone: 800-383-1128
Direct: 608-241-1118
Email: steve@ideal-pak.com


Bruce Bierman, Vice President

Phone: 800-383-1128 ext. 310
Direct: 608-316-6310
Email: bbierman@ideal-pak.com

Kevin Malliet, Sales & Marketing Director

Phone: 800-383-1128 Ext. 324
Direct: 608-316-6324


Robert D. Whetstone, National Sales Manager

Phone: 800-383-1128 Ext. 321
Direct: 608-316-6321

Michael Dykstra, Marketing Specialist

Phone: 800-383-1128 Ext. 302
Direct: 608-316-6302
Email: mdykstra@ideal-pak.com


Phone: 608-316-6312
Email: service@ideal-pak.com




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